• picture of the best pizza in Wyoming pepperoni and banana peppers

    I have decided that the best pizza in Wyoming is in Centennial, Wyoming at the Beartree Tavern and Cafe. Now, I haven’t eaten all the pizza in Wyoming, but I am pretty sure having eaten pizza from the Beartree numerous times,  it ranks in the top 3. Centennial is a small town at the base […]

  • Laramie's Best Happy Hour with chips

    If you are looking for the best happy hour in Laramie, Wyoming, look no further. Laramie’s best happy hour is at O’Dwyer’s Public House. I love happy hour. So do my friends. By the end of the week we are all ready to meet up, have a cold one and hash out the trials of the […]

  • Best Laramie French Fries at the Crowbar and Grill

    Do you like french fries? I may have found the best Laramie french fries! When I decided to write a food blog I had just recently gone to the Crowbar and Grill here in Laramie with my husband Matt. It was a new restaurant in town so we were excited to check it out. We […]