• The Best Pizza in Wyoming! picture of the best pizza in Wyoming pepperoni and banana peppers

    I have decided that the best pizza in Wyoming is in Centennial, Wyoming at the Beartree Tavern and Cafe. Now, I haven’t eaten all the pizza in Wyoming, but I am pretty sure having eaten pizza from the Beartree numerous times,  it ranks in the top 3. Centennial is a small town at the base […]

  • Laramie’s Best Happy Hour at O’Dwyers Public House! Laramie's Best Happy Hour with chips

    If you are looking for the best happy hour in Laramie, Wyoming, look no further. Laramie’s best happy hour is at O’Dwyer’s Public House. I love happy hour. So do my friends. By the end of the week we are all ready to meet up, have a cold one and hash out the trials of the […]

  • The Crowbar and Grill: Best Laramie French Fries? Best Laramie French Fries at the Crowbar and Grill

    Do you like french fries? I may have found the best Laramie french fries! When I decided to write a food blog I had just recently gone to the Crowbar and Grill here in Laramie with my husband Matt. It was a new restaurant in town so we were excited to check it out. We […]