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  • Beer and yoga at Freedom's Edge Brewing Co.

    Beer and yoga come together at Freedom’s Edge Brewing Co. in Cheyenne, Wyoming! I love beer and I love yoga. So you can imagine that I get a little excited when the two come together. And why not? Beer and yoga are amazing!  Recently, while visiting Freedom’s Edge Brewing Co. in Cheyenne, Wyoming I saw a […]

  • Beer Pairing

    Food and beer pairing you ask? Attending food and wine pairings is something I’ve had the opportunity to do many times in my life. Only until recently have I attended food and beer pairings. I had often wondered if beer was that complex. Can it honestly be paired with food to enhance the flavors and enjoyment […]

  • Black Market Farm

    I’ve gone through so many ups and downs in my life regarding meat. Should I eat meat? What meat should I eat? Fish only?  Red meat is bad for my heart, right? The processing of meat scares me. Where did this meat come from? What did this animal eat? Paleo all the way baby!! Don’t […]